You probably already know us if you’re here, but if you don’t, we’re a couple living in San Diego, California who enjoy the wonder of nature, the memory-making of sport, and the love of friends and family.

We also are now the owners of the Wild Birds Unlimited nature shop in our Scripps Ranch neighborhood of San Diego! We have been customers of this store for many years and know how much it means to our community and to the wild birds that make San Diego their home or stop along their migration.

We look forward to meeting all the customers who have made this store such a success. We share their passion for supporting and preserving the wild birds of Scripps Ranch and its surrounding neighborhoods.

We are blessed to live in the most biologically diverse county in the nation, but we also realize that it’s under the greatest threat. We want to partner with our customers and with local wildlife organizations to persuade and educate our neighbors in the ways they can contribute to the conservation of wildlife in our area and enjoy the beauty of the wildlife in their own back yards.


Cindy Croissant

Cindy is Vice President of Clinical Operations for LumiThera, a medical device company focused on diagnosing, monitoring, and treating ocular diseases and damage. When not working, her passion is wildlife photography.

Dan Payne

Dan is a technologist, most recently a web developer, educated as an electronics engineer. He now runs daily operations for our WBU store and could not be happier. He enjoys cooking, enjoys eating even more, and hates cleaning up afterward.